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How To Read Your Bill

To better serve members, KIUC has a new, detailed energy statement that provides you with information on your energy consumption. Follow the numbers for a guide to the new, easier-to-read format. 

  1. How to contact KIUC.
  2. Your NEW account number and service period. Please use this number when corresponding with the office or to make payments.
  3. Service summary shows activity for your account.
  4. Meter location and meter reading information.
  5. Look here for important messages from KIUC.
  6. Current charges for electric use.
  7. Monthly use information.
  8. Daily use and cost information.
  9. Total amount due upon receipt. If this amount is not paid, your account may be subject to limitation or disconnection.
  10. Be sure to return the bottom portion of the bill with your payment in the enclosed envelope.

Additional information is located on the back of your bill, including how to reach us, billing terms and how to pay your bill.

If you have any questions regarding your electric bill, please call 808.246.4300.


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